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Michael Sickler
Since they redid the lighting of the NiMo building, the building has really become a monument in Syracuse. I’m a big fan of art deco, anyway. You can’t build those buildings anymore. And here you have this incredible glow that comes up from these tiers in the building.

As for the “nightlight,” I have one in my bathroom. Somehow the two dovetailed. I kept thinking, here’s this funky little plate, and the glow is behind it. And with the building, you’ve got this façade, and you get a glowing light behind it. I thought, you know, that’s like a nightlight. Syracuse is a big sleepy city—so there you go. Click it on, click it off—it’s NiMo.

Glowing neon bright
the Salt City's art deco
stainless steel night light.

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