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Sue Scholl
What I like about haiku is that itís very organic and unpretentious. Itís really a living awareness about whatís going on around us in the natural world, but also an awareness of how we, as humans, insert ourselves into the natural world.

This haiku about the market, for instance: it really came to me. It was something that really happened. I was at the farmerís market, just walking around, doing my thing, when I looked over, and hereís a guy, so very carefully examining this cantaloupe. And he happened to be bald. It was one of those natural connections.

The poem came to me in that instant. That isnít to say I didnít work on it to revise it. I did. But that was actual experience, in the moment, right then and there.

farmer's market dayÖ
the bald man scrutinizes
a ripe cantaloupe.

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