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Anna Pyrohanych
Iím a member of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo all the time, and I am fascinated by the Siberian tigers. I think theyíre the most beautiful creatures. You canít help but look at that face. Itís soft and serene, and yet you know itís powerful and deadly at the same time.

Itís like everything in life. Everything has a faÁade. You have to see and appreciate its beauty, but you have to be aware that thereís always danger involved.

When Iím looking through that glass at the tiger, I can almost touch him. The only thing separating us is this thin glass panel. Iím admiring his strength and beauty, the muscular features, and the intensity in the eyes. And heís looking straight back at me the same way. Itís like we canít take our eyes off each other.

Tigers caged in glass
Stare back in equal wonder
Whose gaze is captive?

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