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Bryan Wilbur
A fairy-ringed moon—that’s an old farmer’s saying. Once in a while, the moon, when it’s full, will have a ring around it. It means there’s a storm coming.

Animals, I feel, can sense these things. And when I wrote this poem, in winter, I would have dozens of crows in the trees behind my house. I would come home at night. If I slammed the car door, it must have resembled a gun shot, because they’d all come out of the top of the trees. And something about crows, they always seem to be ridiculing us.

So what I’m saying is, This is winter, it’s cold and everything is frozen. We got frozen peace. Tomorrow is supposed to be a blizzard. So the crows are making fun of us. They’re laughing: “Enjoy it while you can.”

Syracuse's crows
laugh as a fairy ringed moon
paints the frozen peace

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