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Sheila Forsyth
We used to live on Westmoreland Avenue, and when the kids were young, I would take them to the pool at Thornden Park for swimming lessons. The park has its rose garden, and that was a big draw, too. It’s such a pretty place.

I love flowers, but especially roses. I like the very fragrant ones, and I think they look beautiful after the rain. I have a few of my own—not too many. I have some tea roses, and then I have some miniature roses. My first rose bush was given to me by my daughters on Mothers’ Day. That one is pink. I have another one that’s white. That one was given to me by friends after my mother died. Those roses are especially nice, because when I look at them blooming, they remind me of my mother and my daughters.

Rain beads on petals
Thornden among the roses
After passing storm

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