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Martin Walls
One thing that haikus do, especially those written by Basho, the most famous of the haiku writers, is they create equivalencies. So here there’s an equivalency between the sound of the cicadas and the sound of the lights humming on.

It’s a sound image that I’ve used before in poems. When the temperature rises or falls, the speed of the cicadas’ song speeds up or slows down. It’s kind of fascinating. They’re like living thermometers.

So I’m thinking of a summer evening, and talking about cicadas, and the fizz of cicadas slowing as evening cools. Then, just as the cicadas wind down, the human element comes in—the lights. I like the way they always come on in a kind of hum.

Fizz of cicadas
Slows as evening cools—lights hum
On in Armory

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