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Mary Taitt
This is a scene I see every spring downtown. The first warm sunny day of spring, you suddenly see all these women out with dresses, and lots of times very beautiful spring dresses. They’re almost like flowers themselves, these beautiful women and girls, sprouting in the first light of spring.

It’s such a wonderful sign of spring when you see that happening. Spring fever. Everyone going out, soaking up the sun and being beautiful. You see legs for the first time! This I know because male friends are always point it out to me.

I had a friend who worked with me, and we’d go out to eat. He’d be so excited. He’d say, “Look! Legs! Legs!” It didn’t do anything for me, but I enjoyed his enjoyment, you know what I mean?

Suddenly flowered
dresses everywhere. Hurray!
The snow has melted!

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