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Leah Hennessey

The old cicada
shells of factories lay strewn
with bright new flowers

Since moving to Central New York, learning about Syracuse's architecture and history has become a priority of mine. I love seeing the growth and revitalization that's happening in the city and am optimistic for the future.

I think that this haiku perfectly describes the growth path that Syracuse is on. I wanted the illustration to capture optimism for the future while paying tribute to the architecture and history that makes Syracuse unique.

This is the color of my street:
black, brown, and white.
Prismatic and perfect.

I was drawn to this haiku because of the strong sense of neighborhood and community. I love that Syracuse is developing, the pride its people have, and the stories that make us unique.

I recently read about all the
redevelopment that happened with the five sisters on Park Ave and knew I wanted to draw them for this project. Each house has its own colors and style, but all five clearly belong together.

Prismatic and perfect, indeed.


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