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William Padgett

Armies of snowplows
invade snowbound neighborhoods
winter prison break

I selected this wonderful haiku by Elizabeth Patton because it had great keywords, which helped trigger my imagination, like “armies, “invade,” and “prison break.” These words brought up a stark contrast between military precision and the chaos of escaping convicts. I chose a nighttime setting with a downward bird’s eye view of the grid of city streets below using the complimentary colors of blue and orange. The compositional organization and inspiration came to me in the forms of the classical Golden Mean (or Golden Section) and Piet Mondrian’s abstract painting, “Broadway Boogie-Woogie.” Then I created the poster in Adobe Illustrator.

Adirondack chairs
positioned dutifully
worship mother sun

I selected Christina Finn’s haiku because it hit a responsive chord with me. Just recently I lost a friend and colleague, Gary Trento, who painted a painting that hangs in my house at the bottom of my staircase. In it are two empty Adirondack chairs, looking off somewhere, while resting in front of a large wall of lush evergreen trees. I see that painting every day and it constantly reminds me of a wonderful poem by Billy Collin titled “The Chairs That No One Sits In,” in which Adirondack chair pairs are awaiting their occupants. Both Gary and Billy beautifully created their Adirondack chairs moments, now it was my turn. I went deep from Finn’s verbal cues, especially “positioned dutifully / worship mother sun,” which took me back to one of the first times people worshiped the sun at STONEHENGE and then brought it to where we are today with CHAIRHENGE, still worshipping.


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