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Maura McGonagle

Syracuse snowflakes
meet their fate on the blade of
my shovel of doom

The humor of this haiku appealed to me. It just made me laugh when I read it.

Iím from Boston, so Iím familiar with snow. Iíve always weirdly enjoyed shoveling. I remember it being especially fun as a kid, when your parents send you out the door, when the snow is so high that you can barely get out. Then itís not a chore, itís just playing.

I didnít know how I was going to do the illustration at first. I started by looking at people shoveling, and trying to find a fun, energetic way to depict that. I looked up pictures on Flicker, and I acted it out myself, and I also looked out for real people. Itís hard to find energetic poses, because people hunch over. But then I found this fun sweeping motion thatís very dynamic, and I really enjoyed trying to portray that with the figure.


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