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Keisha Cedeno

When the Great Fair comes
school cannot be far behind.
Summer ends too soon.

I selected this haiku because I love the ďThe Great New York State Fair.Ē Iím from Syracuse, and I try to go to the fair every year. I didnít go last year, because both the fair and the fall semester started the same week. I felt a loss at missing the last great event of the summer in this area. I make the effort to go every year, and it is always a lot of fun. Iíve been going since I was six or seven.

I approached the illustration as if documenting things that kids like to do at the fair. I think, mostly, the fair is for kids, and they enjoy it the most. There are rides, games and a great variety of food for them to enjoy. It is an occasion to reconnect with family and friends.

I like that I was able to get everything on one page, and used colors that invoke the energy of the fair.


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