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Gina Kim
I liked this poem because it was very narrative; it told a story. It made me sad to think about it—the Syracuse China Plant; how much history was there. I read about it, and my friends told me a lot about it. I had a couple of visions for the poster that evoked different emotions—even humor. With this one I had a vision of a theater, like the story of Syracuse China itself being on stage and ultimately with the show ending.

In my career, I am planning to take a different route—to combine therapy and art. I have a minor in psychology, and I really want to work with people, to communicate through art. I’d like to work with all types of people, but especially with children—there’s much they don’t know about art, but they can still be very responsive to it.

The last dish is fired
Kiln’s cooled, now the auction starts
Good—bye my old friend

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