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Stephanie Boyle
In this painting I wanted to illustrate the haiku in a way that uses the architecture of Syracuse with interesting perspective. And so I worked from the café’s point of view looking out into the city. I framed the piece with a red glow to emulate the glow of the closed sign, and through this you see a woman looking up inside the café. The haiku challenged me to look at my composition in a way I might not have expected. It also gave me the opportunity to choose what part of Syracuse to illustrate, because it gives me a chance to connect with the community of Syracuse, and the Poster Project has a long lineage of beautiful paintings to have come out of the illustration department at SU. I’m really excited to have created this painting alongside the poet, and make the haiku come to life.

Night café closed sign
fallen in steps, dawn leaves scurf
the wet streets, return

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