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Amanda Shaffer
I chose this haiku because I liked the imagery of all of the jars. Then, my second impression was that I was really intrigued by the word “work” at the end. Filling it not with just soil and rain, but the labor that went into it; I think that was the most important thing, and I wanted that to come across in my illustration. I wanted to show how apple picking and canning things is part of the community, not just the finished product.

It was challenging to create a composition with three people doing different actions, and making them interact. Though time was short, the project helped me practice taking reference photos, and it helped me to improve on portrait painting. It was a good challenge in composition and in using a poem, then basing something off of that.

Canning peaches, corn,
apples, kale — filling glass jars
with soil, rain, and work.

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