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Morgan Spicer
I really like animals. “Anything with animals” was how I chose which haiku I was going to do. Children’s books are probably what I want to do. I also would want to maybe work in storyboarding for film. I grew up with the Disney movies. I think probably my favorite is “Lady and the Tramp.” I think I want to have an animal shelter someday and use my art to help get animals a home so that not so many unwanted pets have to be euthanized. I’ve made a couple of posters and donated them to shelters. Animals are definitely a greater influence to me than most of the artists I look at. I have a Shibu Inu, Kibu. He’s the yellowish dog in the painting. He’s pretty much in everything I draw, I think.

Red—tailed hawk sails high
Over kids and dogs splashing:
Elmwood Park summer.

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