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Andres Sanfeliu
For as long as I can remember, Iíve liked fantasy. I liked it as a kid, watching cartoons, and I really liked copying cartoons. I copied fantasy stuff, super heroes like Batman, and Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball Z. I would draw them, put them in albums and collect them. Now when I see them I still remember drawing each one.

I got the image for the poster in my first reading of the haiku. But I had never seen the water tower, so I went to Franklin Square, and walked all over. Itís a nice place, but kind of weird almost hidden. Itís like a little town. Thereís a little park, and nice buildings. And it feels like one person designed the whole thing. Itís so different from the rest of the city. I didnít feel like I was in Syracuse.

Blue wateródragon
of riveted steel facets
Guard well our creekwalk.

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