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Ju One Park
That area near the Warehouse and Armory Square, I'm inspired by it: the people crowded in there, the fancy bars and restaurants, the old red brick buildings. The feeling is great.

I wanted to express the perspective of the poem: you can see the cocktail with lemon and ice in front, in the background people, tables, the parking meter. It's something like Paris, you know? I love that place, Armory Square. I love the Lemongrass.

I'm a transfer student, and have two semesters in Syracuse. There's a lot of snow. I love the snow, but every day, always the snow. In Seoul, where I'm from, we have the four seasons, but not the heavy snow. For graduate school, I'm thinking New York City, but also maybe someplace warm. Maybe California?

sharing cold drinks from
a street vender who sold us

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