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Matt Cincotta
I like my work to have a lot of light and shadow and contrastóplay between light and dark values. The idea of the sun-drenched copper roof contrasted by morning shadows caught me, and I've always wanted to do a painting of a church. My grandfather does a lot of work in Cortland for St. Mary's Roman Catholic church, so seeing a poem about a church also made me think of him.

After locating St. Paul's, I took a few hours to walk around the church, taking pictures. I wanted to capture the copper roof, and make the image as appealing, aesthetically, as I found the church to be.

The view I finally created the poster from has some spiritual symbolism. I like the way the church towers above the shadows of the natural environment, and how bright it is at the top, against the blue sky.

St. Paul's Cathedral
sunódrenched copper roof singing
Syracuse vespers

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