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Meaghan Arbital
I live in Syracuse, so Iíve gone to Onondaga Lake Park ever since I was little. I go with friends. We like to roller blade, play some Frisbee and just hang out. Sometimes we get to see the geese hanging around. I love watching them and their little goslings.

I love animals, and since I really like doing character design, I thought it would be fun to illustrate a bunch of goslings each doing different things. I tried to give each of them a different personality, but make them seem like a family. Sort of comparing mother and child to geese and goslings. You have the mom smiling and watching as the goslings are wandering around, goofing off. Itís that kind of relationship: goslings hanging out at the park just as families of people hang out at the park.

Onondaga Lake
Shoreline; a nesting hotbed.
Make way for goslings

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