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Jon Carey
I rather like Clinton Square. Of all the places Iíve seen in Syracuse, itís got the most of what I like Ė fountains, statues, and the fact that itís a large open space in the middle of the city. Iíve never seen the jazz festival there, but when I read, ďJazz in Clinton Square,Ē I thought of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. I was very nearly a history major, so things like Civil War statues have always been of interest to me. I figured if I made the statue into a jazz group, it would fit the theme.

This was one of the first times Iíve worked completely digitallyóthe image was done almost entirely in Photoshop, and I think itís successful in that regard. I think itís a very dynamic image.

Flash of her trombone
Chill of ice cream on my tongueó
jazz at Clinton Square

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