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Lindsay Dedario
As a student new to the Syracuse area, I was instantly intrigued by the vista to the south of the city, but knew nothing of its history. The longer I lived in the area though, read the newspaper, etc., the more I realized how extensive the Native American history in this area is, and how unaware most people are of its presence. This is why this poem struck me.

When considering different approaches to the creation of the poster, I decided that it was important to show an interaction, or lack thereof, between the city and the southern hills mentioned in the poem. I took reference shots from St. Joseph’s Hospital on the north side, looking to the south, so that I would be able to accomplish a view of both the city and the southern hills. This allowed me to depict the city quite small while this unknown land and our common sky looms above.

Through the southern hills
Ancient American roots
and nobody knows

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