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Katharan Wilkes
I had several poems to choose from, so I took them downtown, and I was looking at them, and looking around me, and thinking, “What would fit with what I see right now?” This poem, with the line about how the church window shines, reflected how the light was shining that day. It was around three o’clock, and was one of those bright sunny days that are sparse in Syracuse. The light just felt very warm and pure.

As I was walking around, I looked up, and there was the door and the light and the architecture of this one church on the edge of Columbus Circle. And I thought, “This is it! This is beautiful!”

I’m an admirer of churches anyway. When I was little, my parents would take to churches, not to go to a service, but to admire them for their artistic quality. So I’ve always wanted to see different churches.

above long shadows
brushing Columbus Circle
a church window shines

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