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Steve Jakubowics
I didnít know exactly where Franklin Square was. But once I got down there, I found it very fresh, with the fountain, the flowers, and the benches with the ivy growing around them. I didnít feel that I was in Syracuse. It was just very different from the surrounding area. It seemed almost European.

I picked the poem because I had never ventured down there, and I thought this would give me a chance to find out about the area. Also, I was interested in working with a statue as the subject. I felt it would work well with my graphic style. Iíve been working in pen and ink line-work. It kind of takes on a movement of its own, which I like. I donít like to have a plan. I just like to put the pen to the paper and see where it takes me.

Cumulus clouds shade
Ben Franklin's stoic statue
Geraniums away

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