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Andy Walker
The haiku appealed to me because itís fantasy oriented, and thatís what a lot of my stuff is like. I have a goofy style. I draw a lot of weird little people and animals and stuff. None of it really says anything. I do it for fun, and hope people find it fun to look at.

The haiku was also descriptive. Like, it wasnít hard to get a picture in my head. Thatís what I normally do, if Iím reading or somethingótry to get a picture in my head. So thatís what I did for image with the haiku. You could say, ďIt came to me,Ē but that sounds cheesy.

Anyway, the idea for the image never changed much, and I like how it turned out. I like the expressions on the crows and fairies, and I like the colors.

Syracuse's crows
laugh as a fairy ringed moon
paints the frozen peace

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