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Syracuse haiku
Valentine's Workshop 2013
Photo by: Natalie Caceres

Syracuse haiku
Valentine's Workshop 2013
Photo by: Natalie Caceres

Syracuse haiku
Valentine's Workshop 2012

Syracuse haiku


A small sampling of our favorite haiku:

With wide wings like oars
black crows row a stormy sky
while I toss and turn

By Joan Sauro

Bright sun melting snow
reveals all the rotting leaves
I forgot to rake

By Anton Ninno

History's shadows
The sun-drenched sidewalks cool down
Summer leaves our town

By Michelle Ruggio

Snow blankets the earth:
the brittle silence is broken
by passing footsteps.

By Marsha Egan

Buzzing up above
cicadas in the treetops
shower me with songs

By Craig Overbeck

Heavens cries resound
Weeping tears open flowers
New day springs alive

By Deb Bateman

Monarch butterflies
drift by as distant hills bask
in the blazing dusk.

By Jay Cox

Angels of the ice
Newborn snow-bodied beauties
Dive in-make your own.

By Thomas Duncan

Soldiers and sailors
charging into Clinton Square
scatter ice skaters.

By Michael Sickler

Seagulls ride the air
Frozen Lake Onondaga
Salmon dream below

By Jungtae Lee

Participate With Us

The Syracuse Poster Project invites you to participate in its annual series of poetry posters.

If you’ve submitted poetry before, consider contributing more, honing earlier submissions, or sharing this invitation with a friend. If you’re new to the project, think of it as a chance to share your creative talents.

Each year, over the summer, we reach out to poets for for short, three- to four-line poems related to Syracuse and Central New York. Our traditional invitation called for haiku, but as of 2021 we relaxed the haiku requirement. Now we welcome other short form poetry.

For entry forms and more information, go to Entry Materials.

The deadline for submission is in September. We notify poets of selection in December. We release new posters in April.

As the seasons unfold, apply yourself to experiencing the pleasures, beauties and peculiarities of our city. How do these moments move you? How do you convey the depth of these experiences in brief poetic form? Delve into this, and send us your best work.

Still need inspiration? Check out variety of beautiful books about haiku in the books section of our on-line store.

Thank you.

Where Our Poetry Comes From

Since our founding in 2001, we've received submissions from more than 500 poets. Explore our poets' map: use your scroll wheel to zoom in or out. You can also double click to zoom in. Click and drag to move around. For a full screen view, click on the X icon in the upper right corner of the map (in Internet Explorer) or double click on the map (in Chrome).

Haiku Resources:

Haiku Society of America

A not-for-profit organization founded in 1968 to promote writing and appreciation of haiku in English. The website offers a trove of resources for haiku enthusiasts of all stripes. Consider the seven annual haiku contests; collections of haiku resulting from the contests; judges' commentary; and the society's tri-annual journal, Frog Pond, with essays (How to Avoid Cliche, for instance), book reviews, and forays into related forms, including haibun, rengay, rengu, tan renga, and senryu. Don't hold back!


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