William M. Burns

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  • Onondaga ramps


    Onondaga ramps

    Growing up with both parents active in the military I was privileged to see various parts of the country like: Texas, Florida, Colorado and Hawaii. I now find myself in Syracuse, NY and it's been almost six years. As different as each place was, I always made sure to bring my love for skateboarding and art.

    I was fortunate enough to get a job in McKie sports rental shop on Onondaga Lake which allowed me to be somewhat involved with the skate scene. There are people of all ages and skill levels that use the skate park on Onondaga Lake. It is a great place to test out new tricks.

    For the poster, I thought it would be dynamic to capture a skateboarder in the middle of a trick, with a very abstract gesture. In my artwork I enjoy expressing motion, capturing energy. I thought the best way to represent that would be having a figure elevated in the air with his skateboard floating at an off angle beneath him. Whether or not the trick is landed is uncertain, but I see a lot of freedom in at least trying.