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Panelist Cjala Surratt

Alice Maggiore
Panelist Alice Maggiore

Kimberley McCoy
Panelist Kimberly McCoy

Thea St. Omer Memorial Poster
Thea St.Omer memorial

Michael Moody, Syracuse Artist
The late Michael Moody, a Syracuse artist, cleaning one
of our posters for re-use in venues along the South Salina Street Business Corridor.

Victoria Taylor, Syracuse University artist.
Victoria Taylor, 2012 artist.
Photo by Dave Hicock.

Selection and Unveiling of the 2021 Posters:
Please join us in congratulating the 16 poet-artist pairs featured in the 2021 series. The pairs are listed here, poet first; artist second.

Jane Curley of Syracuse & James McCampbell of Liverpool
Ellen Eagen of Syracuse & R. Paul Lilly of Syracuse
Marsha Egan of Stafford, VA & Alyssa Dearborn of L'pool
Nan Gartner of Canandaigua & Joyce Backus of Manlius
Nan Gartner of Canandaigua & Amy Cunningham-Waltz of Manlius
Kai Gesek of DeWitt & Mary Vertigan of Liverpool
Jeffrey Gorney of Syracuse & Cecily Thomas of Baldwinsville
Marcia Hanlon of Marcellus & Lucie Wellner of Pompey
David Manfredi of Syracuse & Ellen Edgerton of Syracuse
Kathleen Nyzio of Skaneateles & Picasso Dular of Syracuse
Cindy Ostuni of Syracuse & Katie Turner of Liverpool
Michele Reed of Oswego & David Zeggert of Binghamton
Heidi Stephens of Baldwinsville & Susan Murphy of Liverpool
Robert Stone of Baldwinsville & Tommy Lincoln of Manlius
Matt Tompkins of Charlottesville, VA & Leah Hennessey of Baldwinsville
Deborah Tracy of Skaneateles & Kathleen O'Dell of Syracuse

Selection Process:
To be selected, poets and artists had to beat challenging odds. We began with 230 fresh haiku and approximately 1,000 “active” haiku from our archives. We screened these to 250 semi-final haiku. We then allocated five haiku to each of 38 participating artists. Each artist selected one haiku to illustrate.

Thirty-two artists completed posters. From this field, our guest panelists presided over a blind selection of 14 posters and the awarding of first-, second-, and third-place posters.

The panelists were: Laurie Reed, marketing director for the Downtown Committee of Syracuse; Alice Maggiore, director of communications for the Downtown Committee; Kimberly McCoy, community engagement organizer at ArtRage Gallery; Cjala Surratt, promotions coordinator at Light Work, accompanied by her daughter, Sarhaia Rahim; D.J. Hellerman, currator Everson Museum of Art; and London Ladd, independent illustrator, art instructor, and muralist.

Prize winners:
The panel awarded first place to the poster by David Manfredi and Ellen Edgerton; second place to Matt Tompkins and Leah Hennesey; and third place to Jeffrey Gorney and Cecily Thomas.

Board Picks:
Finally, our board of directors completed the selection by selecting two additional "board picks." This brought the final poster count to 16.

Annual Unveiling Celebration:
Please mark your calendars for our annual unveiling celebration, tentatively Thursday, April 22.

Memorial Poster for Thea St. Omer
We were saddened by the death of one of our participating poets, Thea St. Omer, from a heart attack in April, 2015. Thea was a filmmaker and an inspired member of the arts community. We have teamed with Starbucks to install a permanent memorial to Thea at the Armory Square cafe. For more information, go to our donation page.

Interns: Where Are They Now?
Xi Chen, our spring, 2017, intern, graduated and landed a job with the Chicago Transit Authority. She helped us re-establish our interactive map of places that have been featured in posters. Yi Ting Huang, our fall semester, 2016, intern, graduated and moved to California. She helped create our website's poster and photo gallery pages and did great work mapping and analyzing poets' parcitipantion. Kalia Zell-Barrow, our summer, 2017, intern, graduated and is now pursuing a patent on an adaptive cushion for the elderly. She helped us reach out to independent artists to sell their civic art through our online store. Fan Wang, our fall, 2015, intern from the Janklow Arts Leadership Program, moved to New York City to pursue arts internships there. Rushi Sun, a fall, 2015, semester intern from Syracuse University's iSchool, found a job in California. Yingxue Xiao, another iSchool intern, landed a job with Bank of New York Mellon in Syracuse. Zhaolu Meng, a year-long intern from the iSchool, moved to Dallas to take a job with an analytics company.

South Side Art Initiative
In the summer of 2013, we selected posters from our archives, and offered them for long-term display to businesses and public venues along the South Salina Street business corridor, from Colvin Street to Brighton Avenue. Marissa Saunders, a board member, and Michael Moody, a Syracuse artist, oversaw a pair of youth workers: Tania Peterson, who helped with outreach, and Rachel McMillian, who helped with poster installation. We got a positive response from more than 10 venues. Read more in this story by Ruthnie Angrand of The Stand The initiative is funded grants from the Gifford Foundation and the New York State Urban Council.

New Products
We recently added two new shopping sections: one for posters by local artists working in a vein similar to ours; another for literary posters from the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series, autographed by the featured authors. We're also offering a CNY Media Guide, an excellent resource for any individual or organization interested in publicizing programs, activities and accomplishments.

Traveling Exhibit
Our traveling exhibit of framed poster prints spends January at Provisions Bakery and Restaurant, 216 Walton St., in Armory Square.

New Stores
We're now selling our products at two new venues: cards and select poster prints at Syracuse Soapworks in the Hawley Green neighborhood; and prints, note cards and postcards at Wildflowers Armory, downtown. Know a store that would like to carry our products? Let us know.

Audience Development
We worked with dozens of arts and culture groups participating in the Initiative to Develop and Engage Audiences in Syracuse (IDEAS). The initiative strengthens arts, culture and heritage groups by building audiences, sharing resources, and developing cooperative activities. Five entities teamed up to make the work happen: the Allyn Foundation, Central New York Community Foundation, Gifford Foundation, Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation and the Trust for Cultural Resources of the County of Onondaga. Participants worked with Surale Phillips, of Bozeman, MT, a demographer specializing arts and culture. Phillips helped us analyze our membership and customer base, correlate it with census information, and find ways to reach new supporters. A grant from IDEA helped us reach new stores; tidy up our mailing lists; and enhance our website.

In April, 2010, the Syracuse Poster Project received New York State incorporation. The Project then completed a lengthy application for federal nonprofit status, and finally received approval in November, 2010. The Project now has nonprofit status under section 501 (c) 3 of the tax code. This exempts us from federal income tax and sales tax, and lets us receive tax deductible bequests and contributions. We owe much of this accomplishment to Jessie Sweetland, class of 2010, Syracuse University College of Law. Through participation in the S.U. Law Clinic, Jessie and a classmate, Akria Ulmer, ushered us into the application process. Jessie and Akira graduated in 2010. A new team of student volunteers, Bobby Rajabi and Jacob Berger, saw us through the final steps of the process.


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