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Images from the Unveiling of the 2010 Poster Series:

Syracuse University artist,Tang Dao, Erie Canal, poster
Tang Dao, 2010 artist.
Syracuse University artist,Sarah Chalek, dog poster
Sarah Chalek, 2010 artist.
Syracuse poet,Cynthia DeKing, dog poster
Cynthia DeKing, poet.
Yum catered by Sparkytown.
Yum catered by Sparkytown.
The atrium at City Hall Commons.
The atrium at City Hall Commons.
Syracuse University artist, Casey Landerkin, Tipp Hill traffic light
Casey Landerkin, 2010 Artist.
Syracuse poet,Claire Bobrycki, Radell Roberts, sunflower poster
Claire Bobrycki, 2010 poet, and Radell Roberts.
Syracuse University artist, Catherine LaPointe, sunflower poster
Catherine LaPointe, 2010 artist.
Syracuse University artist, Jessie Zehr, Onondaga Creek poster
Jessie Zehr, 2010 artist.
Syracuse University artist,Sojean Estelle Kim, Syracuse poet, Shirley Wilbur, bulldog poster
Sojean Estelle Kim, 2010 artist, and Shirley Wilbur, poet.
Alec Acevedo and Andrew Slezak
Alec Acevedo and Andrew Slezak.
Guests at the portfolio table.
Guests at the portfolio table.
Syracuse University artist, Danny Schwartz, Clinton Square poster
Danny Schwartz, 2010 artist.
Syracuse University artist, Eun Joo Choi, Syracuse poet, Bill Padgett, fireman poster
Eun Joo Choi, 2010 artist, and Bill Padgett, poet.
Syracuse University artist, Hannah Madigan, bus poster, Centro, pigeon
Hannah Madigan, 2010 artist.
Syracuse University artist, Rebecca Benedict, coffee poster
Rebecca Benedict, 2010 artist.

Images of our 2010 Kiosks:

Salina Street, bulldog poster
Salina Street
Salina Street, bus poster, Centro, pigeon
Salina Street
Warren Street, Columnbus Circle poster
Warren Street
Martini poster
Warren by Fayette Street
Sunflower poster
Warren by Fayette Street
Forest poster, baseball poster
Warren Street
Tipp Hill traffic light poster
Salina Street
Highway poster
Warren Street
Onondaga Creek poster
Warren and Washington Streets

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