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Unveiling of the 2009 Poster Series:

Anton Nino, poet, with poster illustrated by Sarah Cressler.

Poet Jay Cox with his daughter, Edie.

Jancy Ball and Ben Sio, board members, assemble poster prints.

Rachelle Boyd, artist, and Roger DeMuth, illustration professor.

David Forest Hitichcock, poet, and his mother, Barbara McVey Hitchcock, with poster illustrated by Q. Cassetti.

Guests browse poster prints.

Rachelle Boyd, David Saracino, Roger DeMuth and Sarah Anne DiNardo.

Roger DeMuth, illustration professor.

Sarah Anne DiNardo, artist, presents poster featuring poem by Jane Cassady.

Carla Bregman, poet, and Tom Kovach, artist.

Alexa Carter, poet, and David Saracino, artist.

Joyce Kusack-McGuire, board member, selling poster print to Lucie Wellner.

Devin Scannell, artist, with poster featuring poem by Jay Cox.

Yealim Kong, artist, and Nancy Liccione, poet.

Matt Sattler, poet, with poster illustrated by Don Kilpatrick.

Emily Meluch, artist, with poster featuring poem by Janine DeBaise.

Michael McCollumn, poet, and Sara Silkwood, artist.
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