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Mother and daughter at naturalization ceremony
Naturalization Ceremony at
the Onondaga County Courthouse.

Mother and son at naturalization ceremony
Mother and son preparing to receive citizenship.

Valery Soy at Onondaga County Courthouse
Valery Soy, a writing major at Syracuse University, helps with our Cards for New Americans Project.

These People Like Us:

I love the way that the Syracuse Poster Project highlights the things that make this city such a unique place to liveÖI think the Syracuse Poster Project is a really positive addition to our community, and itís something Iím really excited to be participating in.

Carrie Elliot, Poet 2011

Everything was so well organized and I felt really "special"ÖThanks again for giving me an opportunity to be involved, and I will definitely be in the mix for the next time!

Linda Liddiard, Poet 2012

The artist seemed to have peered into my soul and read my words there. For perhaps the first and only time I felt that someone had actually understood what I had hoped to say in one of my poems.

Sally Lloyd, Poet 2013

I love these [posters] and will be using at least a dozen of them in a downtown office I'm decorating for a clientÖThey will become a valuable asset to my future design projects!

Lee Dream, 2012

After so many years, the unveiling was a great reminder of what the project does, letting people have free access to an amazing art experience on the streets of Syracuse!

Amie St. Amour, 2012

The posters are all magnificent and certainly maintain the tradition of excellence that the Syracuse Poster Project has established. Onondaga Community College was grateful for this collaboration in honor of our 50th anniversary.

Susan Tormey, 2012

I had hoped so much that my poster would be chosen to be downtown, and Iím thrilled that it will be! Iíve wanted to be a part of the Poster Project since I first heard of it.

Katie Hampton, Artist 2013

Iím thrilled the posters are placed around Syracuse. It allows people to take pride in their city and it brings a little color and inspiration for all to enjoy.

Stephanie Todero, Poet 2013

This collaboration really shows that S.U. has so many talented people, the same way that Syracuse does. Even if you have an outsider versus an insider, they still make something great just by coming together for something as simple as the Poster Project.

Ricky Maeweather, Poet 2013

I really felt honored to be a part of the Syracuse Poster Project because it has a really long lineage of really great paintings to come out of the illustration department. Iím really excited to have been a part of it and done this painting alongside the poet.

Stephanie Boyle, Artist 2013

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Cards for New Americans

This special project will provide Syracuse courts with note cards to hand out at naturalization ceremonies. The cards, based on civic art from our archives, will introduce the city as a place of art, culture and inclusiveness, and engage new citizens in the life of the city.

The long-term goal is to provide note cards on an ongoing basis for the two courts that hold naturalization ceremonies in Syracuse: the federal court and the county court. Each court holds approximately 10 ceremonies a year, serving 500 to 600 new Americans (a combined total of 1,000 to 1,200).

New citizens will receive a pack of six note cards, blank inside, which they could use for sharing news of their Syracuse experience. The packs will include a welcome message, saying that our city values the vision and energy of new residents, and directing them to arts and culture groups where they can develop and share creative skills.

Our one-year pilot project will cost $3,200. We've already raised $1,000 through a grant from Onondaga County. Help us raise the rest by donating!

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