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Poet Arthur Flowers and artist Erin Schechtman at Syracuse poster unveiling in 2008
Poet Arthur Flowers and artist Erin Schechtman, 2008.

Syracuse Art Kiosk
Syracuse Poster Kiosk

Mother and daughter at naturalization ceremony
Donations support ongoing and new initiatives, such as our Cards for New Americans Project. The special project will provide a pack of welcome cards to new Americans at naturalization ceremonies. Pictured: mother and daughter at naturalization ceremony.

These People Like Us:

I love the way that the Syracuse Poster Project highlights the things that make this city such a unique place to live.I think the Syracuse Poster Project is a really positive addition to our community, and it's something I'm really excited to be participating in.

Carrie Elliot, Poet 2011

After so many years, the unveiling was a great reminder of what the project does, letting people have free access to an amazing art experience on the streets of Syracuse!

Amie St. Amour, Poet 2012

I'm thrilled the posters are placed around Syracuse. It allows people to take pride in their city and it brings a little color and inspiration for all to enjoy.

Stephanie Todero, Poet 2013

The artist seemed to have peered into my soul and read my words there. For perhaps the first and only time I felt that someone had actually understood what I had hoped to say in one of my poems.

Sally Lloyd, Poet 2013

I really felt honored to be a part of the Syracuse Poster Project because it has a really long lineage of really great paintings to come out of the illustration department. I'm really excited to have been a part of it and done this painting alongside the poet.

Stephanie Boyle, Artist 2013

We love your Erie Canal Poster. It correctly reflects a sense of moving forward towards a bright future for the canal while still reminding us of the canal's incredible history.Thank you for offering a great poster to support such a wonderful resource.

John Koella and Susan Sharp, Customers 2017

The more I've learned about the Syracuse Poster Project, I realized that public art benefits us all and now I take notice in ways I hadn't before.

Mary Ellen Speicher, Poet 2017

Your posters stopped me in my tracks when I first moved to town-beautiful tributes to the most underrated city around.

Eevie Smith, Poet 2017

TThank you so very much for conceiving of and nurturing this amazing project that marries poetry and art and promotes where we live! It is such a gift to our community!

Diane Lansing, Poet 2019

Thanks for doing this every year. I know it's a lot of work but it's a great thing and there are many of us who enjoy it and many more who enjoy it without even realizing it!

John Viggiano, Poet 2021

If You Like Us Too, Please Donate

Payment methods: Monthly donations can be paid by credit card or directly from a bank account. One-time donations can be paid by credit card, directly from a bank account, or via PayPal. The option for Google Pay appears when users are browsing in Chrome.

Suggested Levels: Complementary Swag:
$10 Poster Pal Laptop Sticker
$20 Friend Fridge Magnet
$50 Super Friend Vintage To-Do List
$10-20/Mo. Subscriber Project Tote + More

What Can Your Donation Do? Here's the wish-list (click on an item for more info):

VISTA Stipend ($9,500)
Helps us fund a new VISTA position for the following year. The worker is hired by AmeriCorps and helps with fundraising and other capacity building tasks.
Lead Web Developer ($8,000)
Pays for a professional web developer to lead two web development interns from Hack Upstate, a program that trains underprivileged young people for jobs in tech. The team will update and redevelop our website.
Cards for Americans ($4,500)
Final funding for a special project that will give notecard packs to new Americans at naturalization ceremonies, welcoming them to CNY and introducing them to arts and culture groups.
Food Budget ($300)
A food budget for our annual celebration the new poster series. This April event celebrates the artists, poets, and work that goes into bringing civic art to Syracuse.
Permanent Poster Panel ($1,700)
In 2021, we installed a permanent Erie Canal-themed postal panel on the Onondaga Creek Walk. We would like to continue these installations at various spots around the city so more people can enjoy civic art.
Subscription to Adobe ($400)
Our workers and interns rely on Adobe's suite of software to carry out a variety of design tasks.
Traveling Flat Screen ($2,200)
We are displaying our poster collections via travelling flat screen at venues such as Café Kubal, Epicuse, the Sound Garden, and Pastabilities. Funding for additional flat screens would allow us to bring more collections to more venues.
Kiosk Poster ($170)
We provide the city with an annual series of up to 21 large format posters for display in the downtown kiosks. Each poster, custom printed with high quality inks on weather resistant PVC, costs approximately $170.
Collage Posters ($1,500)
In 2021, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we designed a series of special collage posters. Each large-format poster (28 x 40-inches) features a central image surrounded by six smaller images on a theme. For instance, "Clinton Square Illustrated, A Sampler of Favorites." We're seeking partners to contribute $1,500 toward a print run of 200 posters. Partners who fund an entire run will receive a poster of choice.
Notecards ($250)
We periodically issue notecards based on popular posters. To achieve an economical cost per card, we place a sizable order. Notecards are 5 x 7-inches folded. A donation of $250 enables us to print 250 cards. Partners who fund an entire run of cards will receive a pack of those cards.
Postcards ($700)
We periodically issue postcards based on popular posters. To achieve an economical cost per card, we place a sizable order. A donation of $700 allows us to print 2,500 cards. Partners who fund an entire run will receive a mixed pack of postcards.
Stickers ($75)
We occasionally issue stickers with fun typographic treatments of our slogans and haiku. A donation of $75 allows us to order a short run of stickers.
Cake ($25)
We love to acknowledge the birthdays of our interns, volunteers, and part-time workers by breaking out a birthday cake or a dozen birthday cupcakes.
Tea ($5)
As members of a co-working space, we like to contribute to the common good. A donation of $5 covers a box of Earl Grey tea for those who are not coffee drinkers.
Flowers ($10)
We brighten our office with an occasional purchase of flowers from the farmers' market. A donation of $10 does wonders to brighten up our coworking space.

Prefer Checks? Write one to “Syracuse Poster Project Inc.,” and mail it to Syracuse Poster Project, 207 Paul Ave., Syracuse, NY, 13206.

We’re a nonprofit organization under 501 (c) 3 of the federal tax code, and registered with the Charities Bureau of New York State. You can check us out, and if you make a donation, it counts toward tax deductions.

Much thanks.

Cards for New Americans

This special project will provide Syracuse courts with note cards to hand out at naturalization ceremonies. The cards, based on civic art from our archives, will introduce the city as a place of art, culture and inclusiveness, and engage new citizens in the life of the city.

The goal is to provide note cards on an ongoing basis for the two courts that hold naturalization ceremonies in Syracuse: the federal court and the county court. Each court holds approximately 10 ceremonies a year, serving 500 to 600 new Americans (a combined total of 1,000 to 1,200).

New citizens will receive a pack of six note cards, blank inside, which they could use for sharing news of their Syracuse experience. The packs will include a welcome message, saying that our city values the vision and energy of new residents, and directing them to arts and culture groups where they can develop and share creative skills.

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