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Here we offer a kind of yard sale of books about haiku, graphic art, and public art. We invite you to participate, either as as a shopper or a donator of books (pertaining to our activities) for us to resell. Could you find these books at Amazon for less? Probably. But then you wouldn't be supporting local art. All proceeds here support the creation of more public art!

Wondering the Alphabet

Discover a new perspective on type and enjoy a series of poems and type-based art. Author Roderick Martinez, a design professor at Syracuse University, created a poster in 2008 showcasing this book's typographic techniques. New, 151 Pages.

Item #:2018BK05

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

A collection of best poems by Omanii Abdullah-Grace, Syracuse poet and former instructor at SUNY Morrisville, SU, and OCC (and contributor to the Poster Project). An arrow to the heart about Black culture and human experience. New, paperback, 78 pages.

Item #:2011BK002

Illustration Program - Class of 2014

The Syracuse University senior illustration students provide a collection of their unique work. The book contains original images that showcase each artist's voice. New, Paperback, 60 pages.

Item #:2011BK003

Central New York Media Guide, 2015

A directory of local media, including print, radio and TV, and social media. Compiled especially for use by arts and culture groups, but great for any publicity initiatives. New. Paperback, 41 pages.

Item #:2011BK004

The Word On The Street

Subtitle: "Linking the Academy and the Common Reader," by Harvey Teres, English prof. at S.U. Follow Teres as he explores community reading programs, holds poetry events at shopping malls, and visits high school English classes. New, paperback, 200 pages.

Item #:2011BK005

Salt City Trivia

A highly informative collection of trivia on the places, landmarks, foods, and notable people of Syracuse, illustrated with more than 200 photos from the Onondaga Historical Association. By former Post-Standard columnist, Dick Case. New, 144 pages.

Item #:2011BK006

Getting to Yes

This national bestseller provides strategies for effective negotiation. Good for all kinds of negotiation, including the challenges faced by small arts and culture groups. Used, Paperback, 200 pages.

Item #:2011BK007

The Haiku Handbook

The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Teach, and Appreciate Haiku, by William J. Higginson and Penny Harter. New, paperback with dust cover, 331 pages. A great resource for deepening your practice and understanding of haiku.

Item #:2011BK010

Oasis in the Heart: Haiku w/ Exposition

By Toshimi Horiuchi. Japanese poet Horiuchi uses kigo vocabulary or season words in a book uniquely arranged by coupling haikus with blurbs that offer an extension of thought into their inspirations and meanings. Used, 124 pages.

Item #:2011BK017

The Healing Spirit of Haiku

A collaboration between David Rosen and Joel Weishaus with illustrations by Arthur Okamura. An exchange of poetry and prose between two old friends on a soulful journey. Explores the psyche, collective unconscious, and healing. New, paperback, 175 pgs.

Item #:2011BK018

Haiku: A Poet's Guide

Lee Gurga, an award-winning haiku poet, offers insight into the history, practice and craft of haiku. Especially enlightening are examples of rewrites, from draft to honed poem. New, paperback, 161 pages.

Item #:2011BK020

A Box of Zen: Haiku, Koans, and Sayings

Ever wonder about the relationship between haiku and Zen? Or about the development of haiku? This lovely boxed set is just the primer you need. Used, hardcover; 56 pages each.

Item #:2011BK022

The Haiku Box

A practical starter kit for anyone interested in haiku, created by poet Lonnie Hull DuPont. Includes: "Footprints in the Snow," a 60 page haiku primer; "New View of the Moon," a haiku journal; and 50 inspirational word tiles.

Item #:2011BK025

Haiku Poetry by James Hackett, Vol. 1

In this collection, James Hackett writes about everything from a mountain that takes the moon to the fish that kiss it. To learn more about how to kiss the moon, buy this book. Used, paperback, 56 pages.

Item #:2011BK030

Haiku Poetry by James Hackett, Vol. 2

Hackett dedicates this volume simply, “to Peace.” If you want to learn more about the haiku but don’t know where to start, pick up this book and absorb the words. Used, paperback, 72 pages.

Item #:2011BK031

Haiku Poetry by James Hackett, Vol. 3

Hackett makes the thought-provoking comment that, “my poems are not intended to captivate with art. . . I am a life worshipper, not an apostle of poetry or art.” If his standpoint challenges or intrigues you, pick up this book. Used, Paperback, 72 pg.

Item #:2011BK032

Haiku Poetry by James Hackett, Vol. 4

What’s a “water ouzel”? We’re not sure, but James Hackett has one in this collection. Jack Kerouac says that these poems “rank with those of the Japanese masters,” so take his word for it! Get excited about this book! Used, paperback, 72 pg.

Item #:2011BK033

The Classic Tradition of Haiku

An anthology of classic haiku by Japanese masters, edited by Faubion Bowers, and published by Dover. The translators give you the Romanized version of the Japanese and footnotes galore. Fun for linguists. Used, paperback, 96 pages.

Item #:2011BK040

The Essential Haiku

Ed. Robert Hass brings together Bashō’s “sense of suffering,” Buson’s “evenness of temper,” and Issa’s “pathos and comedy and anger.” That’s a lot of emotions! To delve into these poems, pick up this book. Used, paperback, 329 pg.

Item #:2011BK045

Cafe Haiku

A collaboration between Japanese poet Zenbu Nometa and photographer Jeffrey Goldsmith, of San Francisco. Black and white photos of cafe scenes, paired with cafe-themed haiku. Read it and brew your own collaboration. Paperback, used, 100 pages.

Item #:2011BK050

Love Haiku

A collection of haiku expressing romantic love and love of life by Masajo Suzuki (1906-2003). Suzuki fled an arranged marriage to enjoy a long-term affair with an officer of the naval air force. Haiku in English and Japanese. Paperback, 111 pages.

Item #:2011BK055

The Girls in the Chartreuse Jackets

By Maria Mazziotti Gillan. A collection of poems and paintings evoking our sense of being alive, especially regarding our relationships with the world and people around us. Gillian focuses on the experiences of being a woman. Used, paperback, 71 pgs.

Item #:2011BK057

The Making of a Japanese Print

A step by step illustration of line and color progression in a traditional wood block print, The Heron Maid, by Suzuki Harunobu (1776). First published by Charles Tuttle Co. in 1959. A gem of simplicy and beauty. Hardcover, used, 28 pages.

Item #:2011BK060

Public Art

In 1985, the Onondaga County Public Library teamed up with the Cultural Resources Council on this pictoral survey of public art in Syracuse and Onondaga County. Now out of date, but still a good resource for many public works. Paperback, new, 32 pages.

Item #:2011BK070

Hidden In Plain Site

A concise guide to public sculpture in Syracuse, including work by the 2010-11 public artist in residence, Brendan Rose. Produced by Syracuse University's Museum Studies program. Paperback, black and white, 20 pages.

Item #:2011BK075

Side by Side

Poetry inspired by works of art, side by side with those works. Editor Jan Greenberg gathered poems from 27 contemporaray poets from around the world. The poems appear in their original languages and translated into English. Hardcover, used, 88 pages.

Item #:2011BK080

Japanese Prints

Woodblock prints of 17th Century Edo, present-day Tokyo. Views of famous places, landscapes, animals, flowers, courtesans, geishas, and actors. A bygone era, rendered in fluid line and bold color blocks. Published by Taschen. Hardcover, used, 199 pages.

Item #:2011BK090

A Concise History of Posters

By John Barnicoat, a wide ranging history of poster art from 1860 through the anti-war posters of the 1960s. Includes 273 images, 72 of them in color. A good resource for graphic artists. Published by Oxford University Press. Paperback, used, 288 pages.

Item #:2011BK100

Speedball Text Book

Aeons ago, before Adobe products, scribes practiced calligraphy, and poster designers put pencil to paper, too. Buy this, keep it by your computer, and let the osmosis work. Paperback, color and B&W, 96 pages, 1956.

Item #:2011BK110

Making Posters

By British designer Vernon Mills, a concise introduction to handmade posters from 1967. Feel like taking a vacation from computer aided design? Here's an excursion to stencils and Letrasets. Used, hardcover, in color and B&W, 104 pages.

Item #:2011BK120

The City in Haiku

A.K. Roche’s collection of traditional Japanese haiku captures the essence of the city. The book showcases a unique pairing of ancient poetry and modern photography. Published in 1970, "The City… in Haiku" gives readers a classic haiku experience.

Item #:2011BK130

A Haiku Journey

A translation of "Narrow Road to a Far Province," a travel journal by the Japanese poet, Basho, recounting his five month pilgrimage, in 1689, to a series of famous poetic spots. With an intro and commentary by translator Dorothy Britton. Used, 124 pages.

Item #:2011BK57


Once you fall in love with Utagawa Hiroshige, the famous Japanese printmaker, you'll want a fat book of his famous views of Edo (present-day Tokyo). Meanwhile, treat yourself to this mini-introduction. Used, hardcover, color, 61 pages.

Item #:2012BK010

The Haiku Anthology

This second edition of The Haiku Anthology contains 500 new haiku and senryu for readers to appreciate. Also a definite must for those who can appreciate inventive uses of negative space. Paperback, used, 367 pages.

Item #:2019BK04

Silent Flowers

Silent Flowers is comprised of haiku that speak to the tranquility of nature. Along with the poems, the book contains monochrome watercolor drawings by Nanae Ito that visually bring to life the imagery in the poems. Hardcover, used, 60 pages.

Item #:2019BK06

The Haiku Handbook

An extensive resource for anyone who wants to more deeply appreciate the subtleties of the haiku form. Also contains teaching guides and lesson plans, so you can teach others to love and appreciate haiku. Paperback, used, 331 pages.

Item #:2019BK07

On Love And Barley

A collection of poems by one of the first great haiku poets, Basho. Contains an introduction on Basho’s influence on the haiku as well as 253 of Basho’s nature haiku. A necessary book for any haiku lover’s bookshelf. Paperback, used, 92 pages.

Item #:2019BK08

On Haiku

Contains 19 essays and talks by the author and translator Hirokai Sato. Sato’s remarkable knowledge of the haiku form is on full display in these accessible and witty writings. Paperback, used, 294 pages.

Item #:2019BK09

How To Haiku

Invaluable guide to developing your own haiku-writing skills, with clear explanations, brilliant examples, and innovative exercises. By Bruce Ross, Tutttle Publishing. New, paperback, 167 pages.

Item #:2019BK10

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