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Over the years, Syracuse poets have submitted hundreds of haiku that have yet to be illustated as posters. Now we're tapping those Syracuse poems and giving the work more exposure. We'll gradually dip into our archives and pubulish small collections of haiku around Central New York themes. Small collections, small format, a kind of micro-publishing. Among the first examples, available below, are favorite haiku from the work considered for 2011, a collection of favorite haiku about crows, and booklet for jotting computer passwords, with a haiku on each page.
The 2011 poets: John Anderson, Tom Huff, Rachel Ikins, Megan Reed, Michael Sickler, Bruce Smith, Amie St. Amour, Robert Stone and Mary Stebbins Taitt. The crow poets: Ellen Agnew, Joan Cofrancesco, Jay Cox, Renee-Noelle Felice, Nan Gartner, Mark Kuney, Lawrence Kurlandsky, Jungtae Lee and Doreen Miori-Merola. The 'Passwords' poets: Ellen Agnew, Carol Corwin, Jay Cox, Eric Darby, Joan Dear-Houseman, Sheila Forsyth, Mary Gardner, Nan Gartner, Robert Gaurnier, Hall Groat Sr., Maggie James, Nancy Liccione, Sam Lloyd, Erin McConnel, Doreen Miori-Merola, Simon Morrin, William Neumire, Anton Ninno, Genevieve Nordmark, Megan Reed, Leora Sapon-Shevin, Thomas Stock, and Jeanne Viggiano.

Ten Favorite Haiku for 2011

SU English Professor Harvey Teres, our screener, selects 10 favorite haiku from the latest submissions. Doubles as a notebook for haiku, with lined pages and guidelines. Handmade, 19 pages, 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

Item #:2011BKL010

Ten Favorite Crow Poems

Ten favorite haiku about crows, selected from our archives by Gene Huggins, president of the Onondaga Chapter of Audubon. Comes inserted in a note card, with an envelope for mailing. Handmade, 20 p., 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

Item #:2012BKL010

Passwords & Poems

A lined booklet for recording computer and internet passwords, with a haiku from our archives on each page. Haiku selected by technology maven Nancy Roberts. Comes with a note card for easy gift giving. 30 p., 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

Item #:2012BKL015

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