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After years of making posters, we're diversifying into other poster-based products, such as postcards. John Thompson, one of the SU illustration professors who collaboarates with us, travelled to Paris recently and was surprised to find people still writing postcards--he doesn't. So call us weird; we still believe in the value of postcards--their economy, brevity, and the fun coupling of here-I-am, wish-you-were-too.

We offer seven postcards, each derived from a popular poster. The cards are standard 4 x 6 inches, printed on heavyweight card stock by Syracuse printers.

Feel strongly about other posters that would serve well as postcards? Make a donation to us to speed up the development process.

Oxen Pulled Buckboards Postcard

Postcard designed by SU grad student, Wenyi Qian, 2023. Featuring haiku by Michael Brigandi: Oxen pulled buckboards / Bricks on route, walls come to life / A city rises. Includes illustrations of Clinton Square, Crouse College, Niagara Mohawk Building.

Item #:2023PC10

NiMo Postcard

The most popular image from the 2002 poster series, by poet Michael Sickler and artist Scot Connor. Depicts the Niagara Mohawk building (1932), now the headquarters of National Grid.

Poem: Glowing neon bright / The Salt City's art deco / Stainless stee

Item #:2002PC08

Clinton Square Postcard

The most popular image from the 2004 poster series, by poet Jay Cox and artist Stephen H. Kim. Depicts the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Clinton Square.

Poem: The blue sky ripples/ and clouds stream by in water/ fountain reflections

Item #:2004PC01

Syracuse Heron Postcard

The most popular image from the 2005 poster series, by poet Catherine Landis and artist Alexius Wronka. Roger DeMuth, the professor who taught Alexius, says this image makes Syracuse look like Cairo. Send it to friends in Egypt.

Item #:2005PC08

Porch Garden Postcard 10-Pack

10 standard postcards of a single image, replicating poster #15 from 2006 by poet Heidi Stephens and artist Kate O'Connor. We reissued these for the neighborhood craft festival, Art on the Porches. Limited supply.

Item #:2006PC15

Tipp Hill Traffic Light Postcard

The top image from the 2010 series, by poet Michele Reed and artist Casey Landerkin. Depicts the altered traffic light at Tipp Hill.

Poem: Stone throwers were right-- / What would Tipp Hill be without / that green-on-top light?

Item #:2010PC14

Native History Postcard

The top image from the 2012 poster series, by poet Tom Huff and artist Todd Conover. Huff is a stone carver from the Onondaga Nation. Conover teaches fashion design at S.U.

Poem: Before brick-laid streets/ Before hand-dug waterways/ This was good swamp

Item #:2012PC06

Nighttime Saxophonist Postcard

One of the top images from the 2014 poster series, by poet Pasty Scala and artist John McGowan. Depicts the parking garage on Warren Street, just north of Jefferson.

Poem: Lonely concrete world/ Sad note from a saxophone/ Night in the city

Item #:2014PC11

Postcard Six-Pack

Six postcards derived from some of our most popular posters, with images of Onondaga Lake, Soldier & Sailors' monument, Tipp Hill traffic light, NiMo building, lone saxophonist on Warren Street, Crouse College, Hall of Languages, and Gridley building.

Item #:2015PCP01

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