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Framed poster print and text board at Nikos Deli

Nikos Deli displays a framed print and text board. Here we're selling collections of
16 prints, mounted and
matted, ready for framing.

Framed poster print and text board at Nikos Deli

Here’s an opportunity to buy annual collections of poster prints, dry-mounted, matted, and ready for framing—a boon to anyone working with large or multi-room spaces. Each year we organize a travelling exhibit of 16 framed poster prints. When we release a new series of posters, we swap out the frames, and set the retired prints aside. We’re selling those retired collections. The prints have been dry-mounted on a foam-core backing, and matted, ready to be installed in 18 x 24-inch frames. Each collection of prints, mounted and matted, originally cost $600. You can now buy them for $395. It’s like buying prints, and getting the mounting and matting for free.

Below you can view each past year’s series. Besides shopping, it’s a way to browse our archives. To make a purchase, send us an email. This item can’t be added to the online shopping cart. Sorry, no partial collections.

Click on the following links to view a portable document file of each annual series.

2002 Series

2003 Series

2004 Series

2005 Series

2006 Series

2007 Series

2008 Series

2009 Series

2010 Series

2011 Series

2012 Series

2013 Series

2014 Series



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