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William Padgett
Iíve taught illustration and graphic design at SU for 35 years, and I tell my students to think of poetry when composing an ad, especially the headline. Both poetry and the ad are designed to evoke a response, a thought, or a feeling.

Iíve also lived in several cities. Downtown areas of cities are much alike in what they evoke through sights, sounds and smells. The University just moved us to Armory Square, and my work is on the upper floor, close to the road. There is a lot of sound from the street, engine noises, horns, sirens. It doesnít bother me; I know they all are responding to something urgent. I like the sense these sounds convey, the untouchable things that communicate with our ambient senses.

Siren warbles past
flashing lights, weaving traffic
nineóoneóone response

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