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Deborah Tracy
The woman in my haiku, has a rich and vibrant story, one I’d like to hear. She and her bright umbrella catch my eye, her step is determined. A woman that knows what she wants and where she is going. A woman that has walked this way many a time. She has journeyed through valleys, mountains, and she is courageous.

I love to watch people and wonder. I love how God has manifested His glory in the world around us. His handiwork so complex, yet simply beautiful. God softens and brightens everything, clarifying meaning, purpose and truth.

So much to draw upon, including my work as a visiting nurse. I traveled city streets and country roads, being with people in their most intimate struggles and celebrating their achievements. Poetry is my way of giving voice and a picture to those experiences.

Old woman, straight stride
Mouth set, umbrella held tall
’Gainst soft spring drizzle.

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