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Nan Gartner
Iíve been writing since Iíve been old enough to write something that someone else would want to look at. Originally, I wrote stories, and they were short stories because I like to be brief. I like the brevity of being able to use the right word at the right time and have it say everything I want it to say. So Iím in love with words and will probably continue to fool with them until I canít write anymore.

This haiku refers to the path along the Erie Canal and to the colors there, which are just fantastic! Itís not only a vision for the eyes but has an emotional effect that is peaceful. I now live in Canandaigua. But when I was living in Fayetteville, I was very close to the Erie Canal and Erie Canal Park. It was a lovely peaceful place to go and walk along the park path, which is for many people an almost daily routine. There is color and silence, which is sometimes all you need today!

Purple loosestrife and
yellow finches brighten the
canal bikers' path

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