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Marilyn Shelton
I wrote this haiku many years ago, during the deepest part of the year, the winter solstice. To me, the lily of the valley is such a tiny thing to have strength, even when hibernating, to overcome harsh winters to be reborn. During the short days and cold nights, I think I hear their bells and detect in the air their delicate scent. The lily of the valley holds the full sensual promise of the approaching spring.

Here and then gone, you have to be careful and quick to find these tiny flowers hiding under trees and hedgerows.

I can never own the essence of the lily of the valley, but on special nights when I can just see them shining in the moonlight, or imagine I do, I feel the love of the universeógentle but mighty indeed.

Snow melts to lilies
Of the sweet valley, reborn
In sensuous spring

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