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Cynthia DeKing
I saw the Poster Project advertised, and I thought it would be something creative, and I decided to try it out. I had written a few poems before—actually, one is not a good story. Working at a retail store about 12 years ago, I was robbed at closing time. A couple of days later, I just sat down and wrote a poem about it. I guess it was therapeutic.

The haiku was about a better experience. This past year, I did some pet sitting and dog walking. I noticed that when you click the leash on a dog’s collar, they’re raring to go and take right off. One dog in particular was around 11 years old. She just kept trotting along and didn’t stop. Even though I didn’t know the way, she did. She was on a mission.

Ears flapping in wind
trying to keep the dog’s pace
walking me instead

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