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Mary Taitt
Geese were very much a part of my life. After majoring in Wildlife Management, I worked as a naturalist at Beaver Lake. My husband, my children and I lived right on the lake and watched the geese migrate in and out in the spring and fall. I rehabilitated an abandoned baby goose.

I never hunted myself, except one time as a child. My brothers were really into bb guns and I shot at a bird and killed it. I was so upset that I never hunted again. But Iíve had friends, lovers and husbands who hunt. Eventually, I came to feel that hunting for food was OK. It didnít mean I personally wanted to kill. At one time I wouldnít kill a mosquito. But if I had to kill an animal to eat and live, I probably would.

On stormóblack waves, geese
bob and dive with the hunter's
abandoned decoys

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