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Anna Pyrohanych
When I first saw the illustration, I thought “Oh my God, that’s a difficult one. What can you think of?” I put it aside and told myself not to bother with it. Then I looked at it again, and I had a flashback to my childhood.
When I was in school, we’d be in Easter processions—Easter is a very big event in my Ukrainian culture—and all the women had their brand new hats. They couldn’t wait to wear them on Easter Sunday, so I thought of that and all the women on their way to church.

Pretty much every church I know has a stairway in the front, and I’ve always thought that the stairway up to church was a “stairway to heaven” where parish “saints” marched in. It all just came to me at once in that second look.

Hats glow like halos —
Colorful Procession climbs
Stairway to heaven.

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