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Michele Reed
I love haiku for a number of reasons. I’m a journalist, an editor, and in a way, haiku is “just the facts.” It’s what you see, smell, hear – without layers of interpretation on top of it. It’s like meditation: it forces you to be centered, in the moment, and to fully concentrate on the experience.

I live in a rural area of Central New York. I walk my dog and drive to work on country roads. Being in nature is where I get peace and compose poems. I’ve lived here for 37 years, and last winter seemed like the longest and snowiest ever! I was walking my dog, and with each step I would hear this “cuh-RUNCH” of boots on snow. All I could do was dream of the Mediterranean – blue water and white sand!

Hear the snow crunch
underfoot as I'm walking
I dream of the beach

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