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Ellen Agnew
I am kind of addicted to going to the flea market. I tend to wander around aimlessly with a bagel and a cup of coffee like an anthropologist. I like to see the things that people are getting rid of and I almost always end up with some treasure myself. Itís fun. Itís almost like you bring home a part of this person youíve never meet and form a bond with someone out in the six degrees of separation.

Iíve been writing poetry all my life in some form or another. And I teach writing, so thatís a good excuse. When my students are writing I always like to write along with them in the hopes that I inspire them to see that it isnít just a one shot operation. Itís something thatís in your spirit forever.

Flea market treasures
found midst heaps of castóoff junk
start a second life.

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