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Jungtae Lee
Iím a multi-media artist who creates films, photographs, sound design. But I never wrote haiku until I saw the ad for it in the New Times. Then I remembered, when I was in film school, we learned about this Russian filmmaker, Sergei Eisenstein, who wrote about an editing method based on haiku. Like lines of haiku, one scene creates another scene, and they inspire each other. So I thought, This is like filmmaking, I can do it.

Iím interested in local historyóthe history of the canal, old buildings. I love the cityís old buildings. Whenever I see them neglected, somehow it bothers me. I grew up in Korea, and so much of Korea was destroyed during the War. We donít have many old buildings now. You never know how precious they are until you lose them. So when I saw the fountains, they reminded me of the canal and its incredible buried history.

old canal waters
spring anew in my heart at
Clinton Square Fountains

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