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Paul Kocak
It was late summer, and I was driving by downtown, maybe on a street, maybe even on 690. And St. Paulís had just put in a new roof. The copper hadnít turned green at all. It was at sunset, so the roof was a bright orange honey-colored copper, with the sun blasting on it. It caught my eye, and I think I started composing some lines right away. I wrote them down when I got home.

Vespers is evening prayer, usually sung. I donít think they were conducting an evening prayer, but they could have been. In my mind, thatís what it evoked. So I think this was my way of trying to marry the image of a beautiful, arresting sight with a kind of prayer. Call it a prayer of awareness or thanksgiving for that moment.

St. Paul's Cathedral
sunódrenched copper roof singing
Syracuse vespers

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