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Michele Reed
Haiku is one of the few things I write for myself. Everything else I write tends to be journalismówriting as the editor of SUNY Oswegoís alumni magazine. So mostly Iím writing for other people and other purposes.

I write haiku while Iím riding in the car. I have a long drive to work. Itís through the countryside around Oswego, so I see a lot of nature, and I think about that, or meditate about that. Itís a way to relax.

Iím not from Syracuse, so for us to go to downtown Syracuse is usually an occasion. Iíve been the Landmark to see the Nutcracker with my daughter, and Iíve been to B.B. King, and concerts like that with my son. Itís a special place.

bikes and barbecue
Nutcracker at the Landmarkó
a night out downtown

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