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Sarah Mellgren

Long drive, weary eyesó
Cityscape lights the night sky
Syracuse, I'm home!

The poem reminds me of coming back to Syracuse and being relieved and happy that Iím back. Iím from Massachusetts, so the drive is like five hours.

Although Massachusetts is home to me, I definitely feel at home in Syracuse, too. I mean, itís where I spend most of my time, and itís where my friends are.
Originally I was going to paint something with the highway, but the poem already tells you that youíre driving. And thatís not as appealing as what youíre thinking about as you arrive.

When I think of life in Syracuse, I picture Armory Square. Going there with my friends, and just enjoying the downtown, is a large part of what we like to do. So thatís what the painting was based on.


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