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Andrew Lyons
ve lived in the Syracuse area my whole life, but Id only been to the Landmark on three or four occasions. I went there as a child and possibly as a teenager on field trips. The first time I walked in, the interior was like nothing I expected. I was really surprised by just how decorated the entire place is.

So for this project, I wanted to take advantage of the decoration, and try to capture it in pen and ink. At first I tried colored inks, but that just over-complicated the image. So then I went back to my reference pictures, and looked through the entire set, which totaled 70 to 80 pictures. I ended up using the same image, but this time I broke down the shapes, so I could see it better, then did the final image in black. Im quite happy with it.

Like art's alchemy
Landmark theater can mold
Stage performance gold

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