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Tyler Hill
When choosing a haiku for the Syracuse Poster Project, I typically look for a poem that can evoke a theme that lends itself towards the representation of the Native American aspect.

The Haudenosaunee I believe requires representation when discussing or defining the essence of Central New York through art. For the city of Syracuse itself rests upon the homeland of the Onondaga Nation.

The symbol choices of my piece rest upon key colors and shapes. The green rolling hills and wintergreen mountains harken to “the people of the hills.” The gleaming shape of ambers, oranges, and reds are that of the Central Council fire of the Haudenosaunee, the capital of the Confederacy. Finally, a woman sits carrying the world, for our society is that of the matriarch, and our world is that of the mother.

When I call to them,
they don't always answer me.
But their blessings do.

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