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Jill Long
A native of Central New York, I have experienced many Syracuse winters, so I believe I can make light of the weather. Nor'easters are the cause of our heavy snowfall.

For the poster, I decided to create a winter's evening in an urban neighborhood where the snow is piled up by the plowed roads and shoveled sidewalks, which create a different way for the blown snow to build unique shapes and streaks of lightly detailed images.

On a cold winter's night, a warm glow of lights comes from the house windows while the wind blows outside. I was once curious about how the wind made the drifts with the curved shapes in the snow. As a child, I imagined a winter blizzard as a winged owl-like spirit that flew just over the snow, carving and shaping the drifts and swells in the snow with its feathered wings.

Blizzard, god of snow
decrees, "let there be snow banks,
if you get my drift."

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